Over the last decade, Alix has worked hard to marry her high-level of education, with an abundance of experience at some of the most respected marketing agencies (Publicis, Grey, Origin, Mirum) worldwide.

After completing a Masters in Marketing Communications at the London College of Communications (University of Arts, London), Alix managed the development and execution of advertising campaigns for Procter and Gamble Oral Care in Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. At the same time, she synchronized global PR, digital and shopper marketing teams to create fully integrated campaigns. A highlight of this work was coordinating the Procter and Gamble oral care launch in Nigeria.

Her work at Grey Canada is another true testament to her holistic philosophy to branding. Here she led the creation of 360-degree campaigns for some of Canada’s largest organizations (Salvation Army, JTI Macdonald). This work encompassed not only some fantastic TV and digital, but also packaging design and experiential elements.

Having moved back to Montreal in 2013, Alix has built a reputation as someone who can identify unique market opportunities and go after them with strong strategies and tactics. Focusing now on building her consulting business, Alix hopes to share her passion for story-telling and her strategic branding skills with local, boutique businesses, creative professionals and entrepreneurs.